Hippies Congregate at VF Clinic


Dr. Pomer, Dr. Fremont ask that I forward this very important memorandum to you as soon as possible. Please keep its contents confidential. JCF.


MEMO #2008-05-28_001

To: Dr. Pomer

From: Dr. Fremont

Re: Hippies congregate at VF Clinic

It seems that the recent congregation of hippies near the VF clinic is due, to some extent, to the proliferation of Bufotoads on the SIM. It seems that they have become somewhat accustom to spending their days licking the secretions from the escaped specimens. My first inclination was to run them off, as I found their drum circles to be distracting from the research duties at the clinic. Upon further reflection however, I believe these individuals might make unsuspecting test subjects when we are ready to begin our human trials.


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