Remote Time Experiment


Extremely slow performance in distant clinic operations has led the research team to experiment with remote temporal operation. The use of ARD’s sliding temporal shifts has allowed substantial performance increases at satellite clinic stations. Undoubtedly, temporal memory plays a significant role in every aspect of this study.

Remote Time Experiment 1bitmap

Remote Time Experiment 1bitmap

Our fastest results were achieved in the 1988 timeframe, but the lack of detail distinction, for all intent and purposes, made the data unusable. 

Remote Time Experiment 4bitbw

Remote Time Experiment 4bitbw

Test with a 1995 referent yielded acceptable performance results with high detail acuity.

Remote Time Experiment 8bitcolor

Remote Time Experiment 8bitcolor

Data gathered using the 2001 and 2002 settings were very good, but the temporal friction was substantial.

Remote Time Experiment 24bitcolor

Remote Time Experiment 24bitcolor

Although synchronous time presets yielded the highest quality data, flaccid performance led the researchers to rule this approach out.

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