Trials and Recruiting


The last few weeks of open clinical trials have been quite busy and yielded a considerable amount of experiences and reactions to VF.  Much of our attention has been devoted to recruiting new subjects and then guiding them through the careful administration of the drug. The general reaction has been positive, generating reports of renewal, outside of body sensations, cosmic tourism and interesting graphics. Most participants seem comfortable with resigning themselves to the flow of wandering, which is of course the main effect of VF.  Interestingly few report to engage in this kind of activity on a weekly basis in their “real” lives. There have also been quite a few responses best described as discomforting. Disorientation, frustration, phobia and limited graphics summarizes the reports of some trial participants. One or two patients have reported continued after effects in this range. However, this is to be expected from a study this early on in clinical development. Besides any psychoactive drug from those deemed to be illicit to widely prescribed antidepressants is known to produce such ” negative” results in some patients. Future reports of our pre-and post-trial questionnaires will detail some of these patient accounts as well as correlate some of the data.

Dr* Pappenheimer recruiting potential clinical trial for disciplines in the Fringe clinic opening night.


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