Script Molecule


This post shows the most up-to-date research and synthesis we have done so far on the Virta-Flaneurazine  molecular structure. The above diagram shows the script structure of the organic Virta-Flaneurazine molecule pictured in the upper left-hand corner below.  Areas of the two interlocking scripts are indicated in the center of neighboring rings. Source input and controls are indicated by branching nodes. Accessing external nodes such as SLURLs of current web events contained on VF prescription pages can be clearly seen feeding into the script structure. “Bats” is an example of a possible hallucination triggered from the script molecule.  It should be understood that this is only an example of the possible visual side effects triggered from a user’s psychic inventory.

The four-part diagram below shows how we were able to design the organic version of the molecule which became the model for the script version. The effects of each of these components has been discussed in earlier sections on prograchemistry and its biological and pharmacological derivatives.


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