As we have worked to open up the grid structure of Second Life in its replication of real world  land ownership and commercial urban planning, it occurred to us that there are other network grids that might be appropriate  for a VF wanderment type drug. The rise and conversion of the “open source” social networking grids, where leisure activities are converted into commerce, such as Facebook, Myspace and YouTube, will be in need of diversionary activities to stave off increasing reports of dependancy and addiction. A programmable drug might allow users to wander erratically through Facebook walls, music groups or video remixes and eperience a welcome release from typical daily habits. Integrated into office worker software, an adapted VF drug might allow users to automatically wander through word processing, spreadsheet and database management documents, data structures, or interoffice communications. It would not be a stretch of the imagination therefore to envision a meta-VF which accessed  everything on and linked to a user’s computer.

folders_VFuser document wanderment pathfolders_VF_hallucinationspossible resulting document hallucination


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