Reality Addiction



 Squint eyes to see young men play a war games at a rehabilitation
center for Internet addicts in Beijing. China has banned the use
 of electroshock therapy in treating Web addicts. (Source: China Daily)

The question of whether VF is addictive or real, or whether it is indistinguishable from pre-existing problems of “internet addiction” was put to us in an interview from a W Radio affiliate in Bogata, Columbia. How “internet addiction” is defined is mushy question, whether there are a certain number of hours a week that qualify a user as addicted or whether it is more an attitude or state of mind induced during internet activities. However, since there is an increasing level of inter-dependance between the virtual space and reality itself, “dependance” may be a difficult  principle to assess. We were, however, mindful of the challenges concerning the interview broadcast from the location of Bogota, Columbia, which has seen so many serious problems tied to the drug trade and the world demand for psycho-active drugs. There is the continued human desire for altered consciousness which drives demand. VF as we have repeatedly pointed out is not illegal in the US because it is not defined by the FDA. (Don’t believe anyone who claims otherwise.)

Estimates from VF clinical study indicate that most trial participants feel that everything on the internet is “real”.

W Radio- link to interview: 

W Radio is currently considered one of the most important radio stations on the spanish speaking world, with an estimated audience of over 2’000.000 people broadcasting to Ecuador, Panama, Chile, Mexico, Spain, Colombia and more.


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