European Market Potential


Judging from a rather extensive  reaction in Europe to the launch of the Virta-Flaneurazine in September of 2009, it seems to be the case that in the United States, few people wander without purpose or objectives, with the possible exception of George W. Bush. Now that the election is behind us, we might see if the Obama Administration creates different atmosphere. Will people consider other modes of living other than the straight line to cash or overworked economic productivity? Of course Europe has a long-standing tradition of considering a wider view of living and enjoying life. Paris is of the quintessential site of wanderment and the 19th-century flâneur: 

Liberation, Paris,  “Cosmique trip sur Second Life.” Marie Lechner

Download article: PDF translation: PDF

There was also an astounding number of  posts in the Spanish speaking world. Perhaps it was led by the following article or possibly something  embedded in Spanish linguistics; distraído, errante, itinerante, correteo, viaje, distracción, divagación, estraviado, delirante.

El Pais, “Dos estadounidenses crean una ‘droga’ digital para Second Life,” R. Bosco and S. Caldana

Download article: PDF translation: PDF

We might also well consider the reference to doctor Mabuse here, that is, the character of fiction who hypnotizes his patients to carry out  his various schemes.  The question might be whether the Internet has begun to hypnotize its audience into various social network business schemes and a free labor source of seeming do-it-yourselfers. Clearly the reference cannot be applied to VF or its research team, since the drug has no scheme or purposes it sets its users to fulfill. The medical use of hypnosis, nowadays, has been shown to assist in the improvement of various mental disorders. That’s the purpose of VF, to set its users free. Sleepwalking, the method of mobility in the wonderful film classic, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, is a great model for our desired effects.


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