One of our trial patients at the Xi’an clinic, when asked how he was feeling under the influence of the drug, repeatedly knocked his hand to his chest area and complained that his heart was empty. He said he felt very lonely and cold. He had seen no one on his travels. This has happened only a few times before with other patients and we usually explain that some of the areas of the Second Life world are not always populated. They are if there are treasure hunts, baby showers, dance parties, musical drumming raves, sex orgies or marketing events. Even though avatars spend a lot of time making elaborate buildings and environments, they are not always there. Dr* Freeman always asks the question, “What happens to your avatar when you are asleep?” This empty feeling held by some patients might well be related to issues in their lives or perhaps the general question about whether the internet is alive or just a place of traces, memories, advertisements and monuments. Perhaps this is why Tempo Strom and Susi Vaccano started playing the “Skyscraper Endgame” (ie throwing trash of a high skyscraper just to watch it fall) in the eteam’s “Prim Limit“.


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