Side Effects: Tunneling


One must be conscious and careful when it comes to the side effects of VF. There are posts on this blog describing these issues. Reports of visual imagery, sensation based reactions and psychological states have been described by clinical trial participants as well as noted in episodes of our own self-experimentation. Some are pleasant, some discomforting and some reported as frightening. We emphasize that these are side effects and not the main directive of the drug. During clinical trials we calm patients through any of these aberrations and hope that they become part of the overall liberating and deepening experience. The Beatles’ lyrics- “relax and float downstream” works well as advice in these cases.

Recently we compiled some our our visual records of patients and Doctors* experiences into a 12 minute video. The focus is on the experience of “tunneling” and Dr* WD Pappenheimer used this concept to curate an art exhibit at Famous Accountants in Brooklyn New York that is on view August 7th — September 4th.

Note that the exhibition’s opening reception formed a tunnel as visitors stepped down into the subterranean exhibition space and then at end of the cavereness space returned up to ground level for the backyard reception.

Tunneing was reviewed by Sarah Schmerler in Art in America, in the ArtBlog, Tunneling in Bushwick: Group Show at Famous Accountants, by Emmy Thelander, L Magazine, Tunneling for Treasure in Bushwick by  Benjamin Sutton, BushwickBK Famous Accountants Tunnel Deeper, Paul Cox, the Kalm Report “Tunneling” Curated by William Pappenheimer at Famous Acountants, by James Kalm and in Hyperallergic, Tunneling Through Famous Accountants, by Hrag Vartanian.


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