Bufo Virtanus AR


The important lesson we might take from the Virta-Flaneutazine Bufotoad outbreak, is that it exposes the permeability of the institutional immune system. We are not sure if this posses any threat to public class and social order, but we understand that the Centers for Rube Control and Prevention in Atlanta are investigating the situation.

Bufo Virtanus AR

In 2008, researches at the Virta-Flaneurazine Laboratories identified a hardy specimen of bufo virtanus for release it on a test parcel near the Virta-Flaneurazine clinic for research purposes. With no natural predators and an abundance of suitable habitat, the Bufo Virtanus soon reproduced vigorously and began spreading to neighboring SIMs. In July of this year researchers were startled to find that some Virta-Flaneurazine dosage tests resulted in an unexpected breaching of the software barrier beyond virtual worlds and into other online social networks. Although the exact cause of the most recent breach into augmented space is little understood, we can assure your readers that we are doing everything scientifically possible to address public concerns. Although our licensing agreement and lobbying efforts protect us from liability in the matter, eradication efforts are under way. In the meantime, we would discourage touching the toads until we know more about the effects of its toxin under augmented conditions. Ingestive contact, commonly known as “licking toad,“ runs the risk of severe neurological effects such as paralysis, seizures, blurred vision, and dizziness.

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