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Free Mobile Phone Dose offered at the Sydney Biennial

August 3, 2012

dLux MediaArts sponsored an event with for the August 3rd Art After Dark night of the 2012 Sydney Biennial with Warren Armstrong, Andrew Burrell and Virta-Flaneurazine. On Pier 2/3, the Sydney electronic collective, Filthy Children, played as free prescriptions of the mobile version of VF were handed out to willing participants. Apparently hundreds have taken the experimental medicine and benefited from its results. If you are there, the secret is you can get a drug dose simply by downloading the Layar Augmented Reality application and searching for the layer, “Dose”. In fact the best way to take the drug is to access the layer “Bufo Colonies” which will reveal a small outgrowth of the Stedelijk Museum colony Bufo toads which can be licked on your phone screen or iPad.

Remember also, that although the experience has pleasurable side effects, the medication is primarily developed to help with problems of Wanderlust Deficit Disorder (WAD), a form of Internet addiction. This is an unapproved virtual medication and at this point Virta-Flaneurazine cannot take responsibility for its use or affects.

Stedelijk and Trouw Toad Colonies

May 21, 2012

The Stedelijk Museum has been in renovations for 8 years now. This has apparently lead to conditions ideal for the spreading of invasive animal species that thrive on art. The Stedelijk Museum colony has recently been discovered, around and inside the main museum under construction and renovation, but also at its temporary events and exhibitions site at the Trouw Amsterdam. Specifically, this colony seems to have taken on items related to the first upcoming fall exhibition there of Mike Kelley’s work, displaying skin  coloring from afgans to “Sex to Sexty” magazine to abstraction. At the event at the Trouw Amsterdam entitled “Augment IT” the colony was clearly sighted. Apparently the visionary effects of touching or licking good toads are some of the most powerful experiences yet.

Stedelijk Museum Colony growth with workmen

Stedelijk Museum Colony inside the empty museum in front of the Karel Appel wall

Trouw hallucination experience after contact with toad’s skin toxin- near a total black out…


Art of the Placebo – I Shall Please

November 4, 2011

We finally got a chance to fully test augmented reality prescriptions for patients with smartphone addictions. We were given the opportunity to open a small clinic at the “Off Label Festival”  at Open Space Gallery in Victoria, British Columbia. The effect seemed to work well with volunteers wandering throughout the gallery during the opening, October 27. Many of our subjects still want to spend a good deal of time talking about the nature of virtual drugs and their involvement with smartphones.  At one point it was noted by a patient that I was continually holding my iPhone. I proceeded to place it on the table and fully admit my own over identification with this object. A full portfolio of some of the visions can be viewed here. We don’t really use placebos in our studies but we thought we’d give a nod to the title of our portion of the event by translating “Art of the Placebo”  to its derivation “I Shall Please“.

Emergence of an Occupy Wall Street Colony

October 5, 2011

As of today, October 5, the outbreak of a new bufo colony was documented in augmented reality in a barricaded area in front of the New York Stock Exchange. We will simply call it the Occupy Wall Street Colony, or the OWS Colony for short. This particular species seems to have markings on its skin in the form of a swirling NYSE façade and generate above, a hovering pie chart of the US skewed distribution of wealth.

Bufo toad of the Occupy Wall Street Colony at an organizational meeting of Occupy Wall Street leaders at Liberty Park, including Michael Moore in the orange hat. Police presence severely hampering cell phone reception, causing toad to adopt a highly decreased size.  VIDEO

Researchers Identify Origins of VR to AR Breach

July 16, 2011

Researchers at Virta-Flaneurazine Laboratories report that, in an effort to identify the exact time and place that the fabled leap from online virtual worlds to augmented reality accrued, they have uncovered evidence that this phenomenon was associated with early VF clinical trials in Los Angeles, Belfast and Xi’an from 2008 to 2010. One of the first documented breaches was the emergence of a giant Bufo Virtanus AR Toad in MOMA, October 9, 2010 and the subsequent spread of colonies to Chelsea, NY, Boston, Australia, Venice, Italy and other worldwide locations. Artifacts can now be detected at these locations using AR detection software on consumer quality handheld mobile data collection instruments.

Test subject Virta-Rat spotted outside the former Fringe Exhibition space in Chinatown, Los Angeles, July 16, 2011.

Sunset on Sunset

May 6, 2011

33 1/2 RPM Sunset Colony from Will Pappenheimer on Vimeo.

A evening moment with the 33 1/2 RPM Sunset Bufo Toads in the process of colonizing the ICA Boston. apparently they have adopted a record skip associated with the “Record” show there.

King Bufotoad

March 7, 2011

The King Bufotoad finally makes his appearance in Maria Hernandez Park.

Virta-Flaneurazine:, Maria Hernandez Park, Bushwick, New York, NY, U.S.A. March 5, 2011. Posted by Agent Priestman.

Gagosian Gallery Infestation after effects

March 3, 2011

Gagosian Gallery Anselm Kiefer Infestation

January 31, 2011

Late in November, 2010, the MoMA Bufo Virtanus specimen conjoined with the MoMA exhibition, “Abstract Expressionist New York,” and seemed to have multiplied and mutated into what has been named the Bufo Virtanus Heroicus Sublimis subspecies, taking its name from the famous Barnett Newman painting exhibited there.

During the Anselm Kiefer exhibition entitled, “Next Year in Jerusalem” in December of 2010, researchers at VF Labs discovered that the subspecies originating from the colony at MoMA, had spread to the Gagosian Gallery in Chelsea, NY. I went there myself to see the spectacle. This subspecies  is oozing with VF betaAR.  It is not yet known what habitats the subspecies gravitates towards, other than heroic or sublime artworks which certainly would include those of the Anselm Kiefer exhibition.

Bufo Virtanus AR

December 10, 2010

The important lesson we might take from the Virta-Flaneutazine Bufotoad outbreak, is that it exposes the permeability of the institutional immune system. We are not sure if this posses any threat to public class and social order, but we understand that the Centers for Rube Control and Prevention in Atlanta are investigating the situation.

Bufo Virtanus AR

In 2008, researches at the Virta-Flaneurazine Laboratories identified a hardy specimen of bufo virtanus for release it on a test parcel near the Virta-Flaneurazine clinic for research purposes. With no natural predators and an abundance of suitable habitat, the Bufo Virtanus soon reproduced vigorously and began spreading to neighboring SIMs. In July of this year researchers were startled to find that some Virta-Flaneurazine dosage tests resulted in an unexpected breaching of the software barrier beyond virtual worlds and into other online social networks. Although the exact cause of the most recent breach into augmented space is little understood, we can assure your readers that we are doing everything scientifically possible to address public concerns. Although our licensing agreement and lobbying efforts protect us from liability in the matter, eradication efforts are under way. In the meantime, we would discourage touching the toads until we know more about the effects of its toxin under augmented conditions. Ingestive contact, commonly known as “licking toad,“ runs the risk of severe neurological effects such as paralysis, seizures, blurred vision, and dizziness.