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Stedelijk and Trouw Toad Colonies

May 21, 2012

The Stedelijk Museum has been in renovations for 8 years now. This has apparently lead to conditions ideal for the spreading of invasive animal species that thrive on art. The Stedelijk Museum colony has recently been discovered, around and inside the main museum under construction and renovation, but also at its temporary events and exhibitions site at the Trouw Amsterdam. Specifically, this colony seems to have taken on items related to the first upcoming fall exhibition there of Mike Kelley’s work, displaying skin  coloring from afgans to “Sex to Sexty” magazine to abstraction. At the event at the Trouw Amsterdam entitled “Augment IT” the colony was clearly sighted. Apparently the visionary effects of touching or licking good toads are some of the most powerful experiences yet.

Stedelijk Museum Colony growth with workmen

Stedelijk Museum Colony inside the empty museum in front of the Karel Appel wall

Trouw hallucination experience after contact with toad’s skin toxin- near a total black out…


Gagosian Gallery Infestation after effects

March 3, 2011

Immobility, Dissociation and Freefall

October 20, 2008

During the first few weeks of the clinic at Fringe Exhibitions we had some continuing problems with what we called the pejorative “bad trip.” However, it was not this avenue which bothered us, but rather its frequency. Negative, dead-end or paranoiac experiences have been reported with the use of all psychoactive drugs including those prescribed for depression such as Prozac or Zoloft. In the initial trials we experienced both in clinic visitors and our self-study experiments, problems in which the user would become a immobile and un-teleportable or exceedingly dissociated from the live Internet connection to the online virtual world. The above screen shots are of one of my such experiences.  I also observed a similar instance where the user’s avatar plummeted downwards in an endless freefall, spiral hallucination in tow. The patient and I watched until the avatar disappeared below. I’ve never seen this before, nor since.

The other significant problem that developed was a condition of immobility whereby the avatar simply would not teleport, and hence wandered endlessly along the bottom of the ocean or the sides of the hills near the clinic. This was indeed frustrating for administrator and subject alike. Since this problem seemed to clear up with adjustments in the dosage, calls to ATT tech support and refreshed local network connections, we did not spend much time studying the source of this effect. It may well be a proclivity in user with respect to certain dosages or conditions of the local or public network. However, at one point we did notice a distinct correspondence to periods of high Internet traffic and local Los Angeles traffic.

Script Molecule

October 19, 2008

This post shows the most up-to-date research and synthesis we have done so far on the Virta-Flaneurazine  molecular structure. The above diagram shows the script structure of the organic Virta-Flaneurazine molecule pictured in the upper left-hand corner below.  Areas of the two interlocking scripts are indicated in the center of neighboring rings. Source input and controls are indicated by branching nodes. Accessing external nodes such as SLURLs of current web events contained on VF prescription pages can be clearly seen feeding into the script structure. “Bats” is an example of a possible hallucination triggered from the script molecule.  It should be understood that this is only an example of the possible visual side effects triggered from a user’s psychic inventory.

The four-part diagram below shows how we were able to design the organic version of the molecule which became the model for the script version. The effects of each of these components has been discussed in earlier sections on prograchemistry and its biological and pharmacological derivatives.

First Prescriptions

September 3, 2008

Some of the first prescriptions are being prepared for the the launch of clinical trials at Fringe Exhibitions in LA. Though participation can also be initiated online, a real world clinic will be set up where patients can meet with the Dr.s* and receive a more guided experience.

New Pill Design: Confusion and Facade Affinity

July 5, 2008

The new pill designs have arrived at the clinic also. We are now working on experiments with the proper dosage. It appears that our initial dosages are problematic. They produce two side effects that impede long-term wanderment variability. One is best described as confusion or disorientation. This causes the user to move in more limited areas and engage in crisscrossing or backtracking (See figure 1 below). The second effect can only be described as an affinity or fixation for the walls of buildings. In these cases the user seems to walk towards building facades and then, looking into windows, moves back and forth along them repeatedly (See figure 2 below). While this shows a consistency with aspects flâneurism such as window shopping or voyeurism,  it will also lead to less adventurous walks which are also desirable. We will be conducting more precise experiments with respected dosage shortly since this will be such an important part of the user’s experience. The issue is most likely related to code repeats and higher user rates of serotonin turnover, The figures below track these walks from the SL minimap aerial view.

              figure 1: confusion                     figure 2: facade affinity

External Pill Use

July 3, 2008

Simple steps for external pill use:

         USB drug delivery                                    assimilation

New Pill Drives

July 2, 2008

The new external pill drives arrived recently. The new design combines a more carefully controlled delivery system together with a more “upbeat” color scheme. We are hoping this will address the “recreational” use issue as well as the recent identification of the widespread pathology of WDD or Wanderlust Deficit Disorder. We think this look expresses the essence of “wanderment“.

New VF Capsule

April 27, 2008


New VF Capsule
Dr. Fremont managed to design and manufacture an excellent pill capsule with many important specifications conducive to the touch infusion of VF. The Texture mapping must have many thousands of repeats per meter and be offset just enough to allow for the two-way flow of data and commands. These processes must be able to be repeated with subroutines for the duration of VF’s affects. While the external pill does not yet have its full capability of utilizing web parsing, the development of this versatile casing ensures that nothing in the internal pill delivery will prevent these functions from taking place.

We also have included the pill imprint, the VF graphic logo, such that future circulation of the drug, in combination with searching our website, will lead to a positive drug ID. To make a definitive drug identification, a user might need to follow a series of “specific steps or mouse clicks” at the professional Medical site Needless to say, VF is not yet in their database, nor does it have an NDC code. However searches can help with processes of elimination and mis-identification, such as with the drug, VANEX FORTE, that is a synthetic alkylamine derivative used in allergic reactions.