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New Dose for the Belfast Clinic

August 4, 2009

JCP Mov 10c

As the opening of the ISEA Belfast clinic approaches at the Golden Thread Gallery in Belfast, Ireland, we have on hand a new version of VF. This one is quicker to take effect  but not as long lasting. Its only problem is a few new visual side effects. But these can be brought under control a bit later. Above is a rare picture of the test subject JC Priestman under the influence of the new dose of VF. It actually shows him as he sees himself in the moment. Not as we would see him.

Doses will be available at this weblog at: Clinical Trial Instructions

Doctors hours:
Golden Thread Gallery portal,  Second Life doctors hours will be August 7 – Sept 6th:

Tues, Weds, Friday:
4:00 – 5:00 pm UTC/GMT Belfast time
11:00 – 12:00 am EST
9:00-10: Linden Time

3:00 – 4:00 pm UTC/GMT
9:00 – 10:00 am EST
8:00-9:00 am Linden Time

ISEA Conference, Waterfront Hall, August 26 -29:
Daily- TBA



July 5, 2009

As we have worked to open up the grid structure of Second Life in its replication of real world  land ownership and commercial urban planning, it occurred to us that there are other network grids that might be appropriate  for a VF wanderment type drug. The rise and conversion of the “open source” social networking grids, where leisure activities are converted into commerce, such as Facebook, Myspace and YouTube, will be in need of diversionary activities to stave off increasing reports of dependancy and addiction. A programmable drug might allow users to wander erratically through Facebook walls, music groups or video remixes and eperience a welcome release from typical daily habits. Integrated into office worker software, an adapted VF drug might allow users to automatically wander through word processing, spreadsheet and database management documents, data structures, or interoffice communications. It would not be a stretch of the imagination therefore to envision a meta-VF which accessed  everything on and linked to a user’s computer.

folders_VFuser document wanderment pathfolders_VF_hallucinationspossible resulting document hallucination

Immobility, Dissociation and Freefall

October 20, 2008

During the first few weeks of the clinic at Fringe Exhibitions we had some continuing problems with what we called the pejorative “bad trip.” However, it was not this avenue which bothered us, but rather its frequency. Negative, dead-end or paranoiac experiences have been reported with the use of all psychoactive drugs including those prescribed for depression such as Prozac or Zoloft. In the initial trials we experienced both in clinic visitors and our self-study experiments, problems in which the user would become a immobile and un-teleportable or exceedingly dissociated from the live Internet connection to the online virtual world. The above screen shots are of one of my such experiences.  I also observed a similar instance where the user’s avatar plummeted downwards in an endless freefall, spiral hallucination in tow. The patient and I watched until the avatar disappeared below. I’ve never seen this before, nor since.

The other significant problem that developed was a condition of immobility whereby the avatar simply would not teleport, and hence wandered endlessly along the bottom of the ocean or the sides of the hills near the clinic. This was indeed frustrating for administrator and subject alike. Since this problem seemed to clear up with adjustments in the dosage, calls to ATT tech support and refreshed local network connections, we did not spend much time studying the source of this effect. It may well be a proclivity in user with respect to certain dosages or conditions of the local or public network. However, at one point we did notice a distinct correspondence to periods of high Internet traffic and local Los Angeles traffic.

Intro to New Lab Assistant

June 1, 2008

Bufot XeuWe are pleased to be joined by Bufot Xue as a lab assistant. He comes to us via his First Life avatar featured in a link from the Bufotenine  entry on the blog (excerpt from Fox News, KCTV-TV, Lawrence, KS.)

Pet Store OwnerHe has extensive experience with the Bufo toad species, since he sells them as pets. He will be of vital   assistance to us from time to time when he is not at Persephones Journey herbal store in Lawrence, KS

Hippies Congregate at VF Clinic

May 28, 2008

Dr. Pomer, Dr. Fremont ask that I forward this very important memorandum to you as soon as possible. Please keep its contents confidential. JCF.


MEMO #2008-05-28_001

To: Dr. Pomer

From: Dr. Fremont

Re: Hippies congregate at VF Clinic

It seems that the recent congregation of hippies near the VF clinic is due, to some extent, to the proliferation of Bufotoads on the SIM. It seems that they have become somewhat accustom to spending their days licking the secretions from the escaped specimens. My first inclination was to run them off, as I found their drum circles to be distracting from the research duties at the clinic. Upon further reflection however, I believe these individuals might make unsuspecting test subjects when we are ready to begin our human trials.

Tunneling Hallucinations Experiment

May 22, 2008
June 1, 2008 updated by willpap

We have discovered a recurring area of VF hallucinations that appears as a sort of winding tunnel. The “tunneling” effect is well documented in hallucinatory medical reports.  The VF affects in the area of tunneling, seem to fall into two categories: geometric configurations and what we are discovering to be “travel” memory sequences. The geometric shapes appear both linearly down the length of tunnel vision as well as in glances side to side. The neural formula thought to generate geometic patterns such as spirals, and lattices, either square, rhomboidal or hexagonal, orthogonal gratings, bull’s-eyes and fan shapes is:

dE/dt = -E + SE{aWEE*E – bWIE*I + Sensory Input} [2]
dI/dt = -I + SI{cWEI*E – dWII*I}

just as in code for a spiral might be:





       counter = counter + gap;       
        integer x;
         float xf;
         for (x=9; x>0; x–)


appearance of tunnel geometriestunneling geometries

geometric lateral side to side tunnel hallucination

More striking has been our noting of signs, buildings, trees and human bodies at certain moments of  the tunnel hallucinations. Closer examination has confirmed  these observations. We speculate at this point that these are travel memories, perhaps from our own unconscious catalog or perhaps from others. Sounds are also audible as street sounds and human orations. We have heard Portuguese, Mandarin language and Australian accents spoken. There is no telling what worlds these may connect to. However, it should come as no surprise that the hallucinatory imagery includes travelogues since VF is primarily a wanderment drug.

Virta-Flaneurazine Tunnel Experiment

appearance of human figures in tunnel hallucination

tunnel visible building signs in hallucinatory travel imagery

street view detail hallucination capture/ possibly from Taipei

More images:












JC Priestman in VF Tunnel

Grief and Ecstasy

April 27, 2008


While Dr Freemont and I were working on the VF pill casing at Morris Sandbox we were “attacked” by “griefers”. We attempted to finish our work but movement eventually became impossible. This event was very memorable and brings up many issues that we will perhaps return to in this blog. Despite the opinions of some that griefers are “terrorists,” which we feel dilutes an already fuzzy term, the practice seems more like “noise bombing”. 

For myself, the whole experience was quite spontaneously beautiful. One even might say that it was a liminal experience, removing one temporarily from the pragmatics of making things to an experience of being. The cacophony of visual, audio and textual information was in its own way, ecstatic. However, the important Wired magazine article on this practice introduces a cacophony of questions not only concerning it’s practitioners but also the nature of virtuality. Strangely, the injection of emotional categories into the dialectics of web vs real world epistemologies, strikes us as an odd development on both sides of the issue. Griefers (aka goons) want virtual participants to lighten up about the silliness of taking the virtual world too seriously. Goons often employ virtual violent disruptive means to inspire humor. It is interesting to consider whether Griefer’s see themselves part of the larger hacker community and hence connected to the alternative value system of hacker ethics or simply operate from internal drives such as the Pleasure Principle. 

On the other hand, the emotional suggestion that virtuality is silly, unreal or impotent seems increasingly irrelevant in the context that it is now inseparable from many real world activities and institutions. A virtual bomb on stock market data exchange would have a very real set of catastrophic consequences that might not be so funny. Conversely, a Mercedez Benz is no more real value in terms of its material than a Tata car, its all about surplus value. But try telling the police to lighten up after you have just rammed a Mercedes-Benz CL or to the nicely dressed hacker who has just taken a high paying job at Microsoft and is the proud owner of the car.


We are aware that the development of a drug like VF could similarly be viewed as antisocial, or “disruptive” (as Dr* Fremont likes to call it). After all the affects cause aimless wanderings across the use oriented grid of Second Life. It gets hard to see property formation, social order and profit through the lens of hallucination. But that’s what makes our study so intriguing. And we are also a clinic- as interested in administering the drug as addressing its affects.