Clinical Study Prospectus:

EThe clinical study consists of parallel clinics in the physical exhibition space and in SL that dispense and evaluate the drug for volunteer subjects under a doctor’s supervision.  Visitors can observe and participate in the trial experience of the drug. Each clinical trial of VF begins with participants signing up or logging into the trial participation site. A simple form inquires about user experience, attractions and repulsions, since these principles are known to affect the behaviors of “Wanderment” drugs. Users are encouraged to enter an alias or avatar identity, since this drug is not yet FDA approved or classified. Once registration is complete, a custom desktop application is encoded into a USB capsule or for download at the VF website and participants are directed to the SL clinic where the second part of the drug is available. Users under the influence of VF relax into the flow of the experience for varying periods of time. The exhibition installation includes a comfortable multi-position mechanical chair, exam area, a waiting room and live SL projection screens for patient and public viewing. After the trial participants are encouraged to report on experiences encountered during affectation. An online catalogue of these reports will be made available for further study and consultations with the artist doctors will be available for problems that might arise in some user experiences.

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