The doctors and their sponsors are not responsible for any adverse physical, emotional, software or hardware effects or side effects from the use and/or misuse of Virta-Flaneurazine.


Side effects may include: paranoia, mental block, freeze-up, neurosis, freak out, addiction, frequent urination, griefing, CPU overheating, bloating, crashes, aimless walk syndrome, cramping, sweaty palms, avatar gender ambiguity.


Women who are pregnant or think they should be pregnant should take Virta-Flaneurazine.


Only people who have adequate on-board video RAM and are healthy enough for excessive virtual adventure should take Virta-Flaneurazine.


Virta-Flaneurazine can be habit forming.


Consult with your physician to see if Virta-Flaneurazine is right for you.


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One Response to “Disclaimer”

  1. Kumi Kuhr Says:

    I’ve been on this drug for years, so a friend tells me 😀

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