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Glenn Beck Has A Dream

September 18, 2010

Glenn Beck On Drugs(Disassociated Press) Evidence is mounting that TV personality Glenn Beck has been experimenting with Virta-Flaneurazine. His increasingly erratic behavior, both on and off screen, has attracted the attention of the FCC and researchers at Virta-Flaneurazine Laboratories Inc. As clinical trials and self-experimentation has indicated, when taken in large quantities under uncontrolled conditions, VF can cause paranoia, extreme anxiety and delusions of grandeur. A  self-described “borderline schizophrenic” (Glenn Beck, The Real America, page 2., Pocket Books, 2005), Beck has struggled with drug and other addictions in the past, but his Internet uses are unknown.

Glenn Beck has a dream

Seen here, Beck draws a diagram of his dream with the characteristic random connections and jumps (or teleportations) in logic.

If proven, this revelation could corroborate research findings that twentieth century German artist Joseph Beuys did indeed experiment with bufotenine (toad licking).

Joseph Beuys at the chalkboard

Joseph Beuys at the chalkboard

In 1964 Beuys broadcast (from Second German Television Studio): ‘Das Schweigen von Marcel Duchamp wird überbewertet’ (‘The Silence of Marcel Duchamp is Overrated’). However, Beuys’s relationship with the legacy of Duchamp and the Rotorelief is a central (if often unacknowledged) aspect of the controversy surrounding his practice.

At Virta-Flaneurazine Laboratories Inc., we remain committed to the radical erosion of the boundaries of the Internet and life, bringing aspects of creative practice outside of the institution and into the everyday.