The prograchemistry works through a variety of interlocking programming systems, some of which affect the SL interface externally. The similarity of these processes to neurotransmitter alterations in psychotropic pharmacology has made valuable molecular comparisons to Bufotenin, LSD and MPA. User input, the prior experience of the user, affects the prograchemistry of each trial in terms of directions, destinations and behaviors. This will be studied through initial entry forms translated into an online database. The prograchemistry is administered trough a two-part drug process. An external USB drive pill or download delivers the main desktop dose of VF for the user’s computer. Once in SL a second in-world capsule is taken, or worn, by the test subject’s avatar. The combination of these two systems produces the full VF effect. In addition to wandering, users are likely to experience hallucinations, particularly of the tunneling or vortex variety. Studies of the geometry and aesthetics of these configurations have yielded interesting mathematical formulations for their manifestations.

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