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Intro to New Lab Assistant

June 1, 2008

Bufot XeuWe are pleased to be joined by Bufot Xue as a lab assistant. He comes to us via his First Life avatar featured in a link from the Bufotenine  entry on the blog (excerpt from Fox News, KCTV-TV, Lawrence, KS.)

Pet Store OwnerHe has extensive experience with the Bufo toad species, since he sells them as pets. He will be of vital   assistance to us from time to time when he is not at Persephones Journey herbal store in Lawrence, KS


April 12, 2008

While watching Cane Toads: An Unnatural History, we realized there could be a relationship between the Bufo Toad toxins and VF.  Not only is there a similarity in the bufotenine molecule, 5-hydroxy-DMT, but experiential reports of distortions in the senses of time and space, instantaneous transportational perception and  color hallucinations would seem to confirm the analogous relationship. The Bufo Toad toxin secreted by glands in the toad’s shoulders and then boiled down, crystallized and safely smoked by hippies in communes.

The other ingestive alternative known as “licking toad” runs the risk of severe neurological effects such as paralysis, seizures, blurred vision, and dizziness. We should also consider the possibility that distorted time and space affect of imbibing bufotenine might be related to the “transference” of the toad’s seemingly aimless patterns of mobility as well as the “hopping” effect of teleporting in SL. This could be a fruitful approach for further study with respect to the digital form of VF.