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New Pill Drives

July 2, 2008

The new external pill drives arrived recently. The new design combines a more carefully controlled delivery system together with a more “upbeat” color scheme. We are hoping this will address the “recreational” use issue as well as the recent identification of the widespread pathology of WDD or Wanderlust Deficit Disorder. We think this look expresses the essence of “wanderment“.

Wanderlust Deficit Disorder

June 20, 2008

MEMO #2008-06-20_032

To: Dr. willpap

From: Dr. johncraigfreeman

Re: Wanderlust Deficit Disorder

This is an internal memo intended for your eyes only. Please keep its contents confidential.

Given the disastrous results of the latest mice trials, the parent company and our investors have recommended a change of course in our research. They have asked us to consider redeveloping VF to target the lucrative recreational pharmaceutical market. In order to do this successfully, a malady must be identified, or created as the case may be, which VF can be reasonably seen to remedy.

After careful consideration. I propose that we focus on Wanderlust Deficit Disorder (WDD). We know that VF has shown promise in getting even the most flaccid internet addicts up and active, even if that activity is aimless or misdirected.

Internet Addiction

The parent company’s marketing department and our lobby consulting team agree that WDD could constitute a sizable market in coming years.

We have been asked to indicate this change of direction by changing the appearance of VF to include a more “happy-go-lucky” color scheme and sexier graphics.